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About Salon License:

The beauty business is estimated to be worth $43.4 billion in 2022. Dubai is amongst the pioneers when it comes to adopting new hair & beauty treatments that are introduced globally making it a great place to start your Salon business.
Starting a Beauty Salon in the UAE is likely to be a pragmatic move for entrepreneurs. We’re here to help.


Keys to get your Salon license in the UAE:
The process begins by starting your free zone or Dubai Economic Department(DED) application which requires a license from the free zone or DED, respectively.
  • Passport and visa copies of all partners in the business.
  • Proposed name of the salon (which is subject to Free Zone or DED approval).

After the initial approval, you must secure an appropriate location for the salon.

The location must be approved by the planning department of Municipality and must meet the infrastructural standards specified by the Public Health & Safety Department.

The salon space must have sound construction.

  • The ceiling should be at least 2.3 metres high
  • 1 metre distance between multiple hairdressings and makeup chairs
  • 0.5 metre distance between multiple manicure/pedicure chairs.
  • There must be a 0.5 metre distance between the chairs and any walls.
  • The minimum area required for a two-chair salon is 3 metres by 4 metres.

There must be separate areas for different beauty treatments.

  • Whether it’s hair removal, facials, or body treatments, each area should be at least 6 square metres with fitted walls with a wash basin located within or close to the facial room.
  • Any service that results in the emission of harmful vapours must be carried out in a well-ventilated room for the safety of staff and clients.
  • It is also mandatory for salon owners to provide adequate ventilation, exhaust fans and lighting throughout the premises.
  • Beauty salons must have a water heater.
  • The materials used for the interior walls and the roof of the salon must be fire-proof.
  • Salon owners must maintain an external signboard at all times.
  • Furniture used should be comfortable, free of cracks and rust and made of materials that can be cleaned and disinfected.
After ensuring the space meets these minimum requirements, you may enter into a rental agreement and submit the contract and Ejari to the Free Zone or DED. Approvals from the Municipality and Public Health and Safety Departments should also be submitted.

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