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About DMCC:

Located in Jumeirah Lake Towers(JLT) and established in 2002, Dubai Multi Commodities Centre(DMCC) is the ideal free zone for commodities trading, financial services and a large number of specialist industries ranging from agro to energy to diamonds, gold and base metals. Awarded “Global Free Zone of the Year” seven years in a row now, it brings together more than 20,000 businesses from all sectors and industries into the world’s most interconnected Free Zone.

Advantages of DMCC license:

  • Ideal for the trading of precious metal, gems and diamond
  • DDE Vault – world renowned secure diamond vault for storage
  • Flexi-desk up X visa for service activities
  • Wide range of office locations and types
  • Located in the heart of Dubai with easy access to public transportation
  • 100% exemption from corporate and income taxes
  • A comprehensive range of business activities
  • Zero foreign currency restrictions
  • 100% business ownership and capital repatriation
  • Online portal for services

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Types of business licenses:

To set up a business in Dubai that involves the buying and selling of goods, you need to obtain a trading license. This license can cover companies in import and export, sales, general stores, etc. It offers the highest degree of flexibility & freedom to operate a business.

This license type is issued to businesses engaged in manufacturing activities that transform natural materials and resources into final products. This license covers industries such as gold and precious metals manufacturing.

This license type is issued to businesses that are service providers, artisans or craftsmen. Examples of companies that apply for this type of license include medical services, beauty salons and repair services.

Popular business activities at DMCC:

  • Commodities exchanges
  • Business Support Firms
  • Professional Services Companies
  • Marketing Companies
  • IT
  • Logistics & Shipping Companies
  • Banking & Finance
  • Insurance
  • Recruitment Agencies
  • Food & Beverage Distributors

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