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About Travel Agency License:

Considering starting a the tourism business in the UAE? Now is the perfect time for it. Dubai has millions of tourists flocking into the city daily – shopping, dining and taking in Dubai’s tourist sites.
This growth is highly supported by the Dubai government, which has transformed the city into a travel and leisure destination with an influx of 20 million visitors per year.

UAE Travel Agency : Requirements

Want to know if getting involved in the tourism industry might be the right business choice for you? Let’s go over the steps for a tourism business set up in the UAE. There are many business streams in travel and tourism. First, ask yourself :

  • Do you want to sell plane tickets or travel insurance?
  • Do you want to market and provide tourism package deals?
  • Do you want to work with the government to provide visitors with visa support?
  • Do you want to work in hospitality with hotels and restaurants?
  • Do you want to design a traveler’s mobile application?

Business registration in the UAE involves specific regulations for running a travel business including applying for the right license.

Generally, there are four types of licenses :

  • Travel company license
  • Inbound travel operator license
  • Travel agency license
  • Outbound travel operator license
Tourism companies in the UAE are significantly regulated by the government and it enforces certain operational requirements. For example, travel companies must have travel agents, handle visa procedures and have insurance policies that support the implementation of their licenses.
Once you’ve decided on your tourism startup business in the UAE and have completed the legal compliances, it’s time to start thinking about marketing and branding activities.

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