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About License Modification:

As your business grows, you may want to modify your license by adding or removing an activity, changing your sponsor or company name and/or updating your address.
Managing the process requires submitting applications and supporting documents as well as dealing with governmental entities and online portals.
This can be a time consuming process and we’re happy to take care of it for you.

Applicable amendments:

  • Change of trade name
  • Addition, change or withdrawal of a business activity
  • Change in business location
  • Change in local sponsor
  • Change or addition in Management details
  • Addition or removal of partner/s
  • Amendment in authorized capital

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How Decisive Zone can help you freeze your trade license?

Select the required amendment and get the initial approval. The approval can be formally requested hrough the Service Centers or Happiness Lounge.

If the activity of the business is regulated by any government departments, the amendment needs business activity-specific approvals from the concerned government department.
The application for amendment should be accompanied by supporting documents. The application and the supporting document depend upon the kind of amendment that is required.
Once the application is submitted, documents and the approvals as mentioned above – a payment voucher is issued to the applicant, which is used to make the payment of the amendment fee.

How Decisive zone can help you modify your trade license?

At Decisive Zone, we help you process any type of license amendment whilst making sure your business activities aren’t adversely impacted. Whether you need to make a small change or you require several amendments, we manage the entire process for a quick and hassle-free experience.

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