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What can I name my company in Dubai

Did you ever come up with a super creative name for your company that you felt like represents what your company stands for so accurately? Or did you possibly struggle to find the right name which would give you an edge over your competitors in the market? Before you dive into the whole naming process, watch out for words you are not supposed to include when naming your company in Dubai.

Nonetheless, coming up with a catchy and unique name can be difficult, yet it is important to come up with a good name as it is crucial in representing your brand and reputation. Also, read the most affordable route of starting a business in the UAE.

Do’s and don’ts of naming your company in Dubai

When it comes to choosing your company’s name in the UAE there are a few guidelines that entrepreneurs and investors should take note of.

  1. The company’s name should not include God’s name or any of his divine attributes. i.e. Al Qader, Al Aleem
  2. The name should not offend the general public and must not contain any obscene words.
  3. The business activity of your company should be relevant to your company’s name.
  4. Refrain from using the location of the company when choosing the name. However, the plus side is you can include nationalities. i.e. Dubai, UAE, or any other cities cannot be in the name. “Australian”, “European” can be in the name.
  5. Do not start the name with “Global” or “International” or “Middle East”.
  6. Your company’s name cannot contain words either partially or fully which are used by global or existing local companies. i.e. Burger King, Mercedes-Benz
  7. Do some market research to make sure the name you have in mind is not like any other company. i.e. copyright
  8. Evidently, do not choose a name that contains any global political organizations, terrorist, religious or sectarian group’s name. i.e. NYPD, ISAS
  9. Lastly, do not affiliate your company’s name with any governmental entity or project.
  10. In some cases, your company name in English will be translated phonetically into Arabic, which may impact the meaning.
  11. Your company’s name can be restricted in certain jurisdictions, but you may find it in another. A name restricted in one area can be available in another area.

Keeping these ten steps in mind while brainstorming is a great method to kick start your search in naming your company in Dubai, UAE.

If you are still hesitant in choosing the right name for your company, seek consultation from experts who can guide you. At Decisive Zone, you get expert consultation. They know the rules and regulations of the country which will help you in the process. Also, read how to start a business in the UAE freezone.


About the author:
Abdul Manan Shaikh | General Manager

Abdul Manan Shaikh | General Manager

Manan is bridging management and employee relations by addressing demands while developing strategies and initiatives aligned with the overall company's strategy.
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