Getting a DED professional license in Dubai

  • Gaurav Rajyana | Operations Manager
  • March 10, 2021

If you’re a professional intending on sharing your expertise without market restrictions in Dubai, obtaining a professional license from the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DDED) would be the best option for you. With this license, you can offer your services to any client or company in the UAE based on your area of expertise without a local sponsor. Instead, you will only need a local service agent and own 100% of your company.

Read about the difference between local service agent and local sponsor

A professional license can be issued to anyone who wishes to practice a profession which they are experts in. This license is also known as consultancy or service license. A company established with a professional license can be solely (Sole Establishment) or jointly (Civil Company) owned by expatriates. 


Qualification centre for professional license holders


Dubai Economy has established a qualification centre for professional license holders in cooperation with the American University in Dubai to train and develop directors working in consultancy professions and practicing economic activities according to the best standards and professional practices that do not need approvals from other authorities. Appointed managers must register, schedule and pay for the examination prior to trade name reservation.

The new process will cover the following business activities:

  • Mortgage Consultancy
  • Computer Consultancy
  • Web Design & Development Consultancy
  • IT Consultancy
  • Internet Consultancy
  • Environment Studies Consultancy
  • Marketing Studies Consultancy
  • Transportation Consultancy
  • Economic Feasibility Studies Consultancy
  • Management Studies Consultancy
  • Cooking and Culinary Arts Consultancy
  • Radiology Diagnosis Centres Consultancy
  • Acoustics, noise and vibration Control Consultancy
  • Vertical & Horizontal Transportation Systems Consultancy
  • Green Facilities Consultancy
  • Scientific & Technical Consultancy
  • Radiation Energy Consultancy
  • Advertising Studies Consultancy
  • Forensic Medicine Consultancy
  • Pharmaceutical Consultancy
  • Quality & Benchmarking Consultancy
  • Media Studies Consultancy
  • Construction Resources Planning Consultancy
  • Fitness Centres and Clubs Consultancy
  • Project Development Consultancy
  • Procurement Consultancy
  • Heritage Consultancy
  • Food and Dairy Products Consultancy
  • Veterinary Services Consultancy
  • Logistics Consultancy
  • Health Planning Consultancy
  • Fine Arts Consultancy
  • Music Consultancy
  • Marine Services Consultancy
  • Tax Consultancy
  • Statistics Consultancy
  • Health Consultancy
  • Banking & Finance Consultancy
  • Electronic Security Solutions Consultancy
  • Parliamentary Studies Consultancy

Registration Requirements

• Passport copy

• Emirates ID copy (if applicable)

• Copy of the degree certificate or high school diploma

Examination Fee – AED 2,100


  • Application form filled by the person
  • Copies of passport and visa
  • Copy of local service agent’s naturalization book called Jinsiya
  • NOC from the sponsor if the expat is on an employment visa (UID number if they are on a visit visa)
  • CV and/or experience certificate related to business activity 


The cost of getting a professional license depends on the different factors. The cost generally includes:

  • Professional license fee
  • Trade name fee
  • Service agent fee
  • Market fee
  • Security deposit and others

The approximate cost of a professional license in Dubai ranges from  AED 6,000 to 12,000.

Check out this cost calculator to get an estimate of your professional license in Dubai


Why Choose Decisive Zone?

Getting a professional license from DED is not an easy task. It requires one to follow a detailed procedure and can be very time-consuming. A dedicated business setup consultant at Decisive Zone can take care of all the paperwork and approvals to get your professional license in Dubai without breaking the bank.

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