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How to sell on online marketplaces like Amazon.ae & Noon.com

Online platforms in the UAE like Amazon.ae and Noon.com have made their marketplace easy for newcomers. Getting started with selling on Amazon and Noon is straightforward, but it is easier in some categories than others where the sellers must take pre-approvals and meet specific selling requirements. Certainly, it is easier than setting up an e-commerce business website and warehousing the infrastructure. When you start selling online with our business setup consultants, you could be selling within days. 

Whats attract most people to these platforms is that they have done a lot of groundwork for new sellers to set their online store. This is what attracts so many stores to both Noon and Amazon. As a business owner, you can enjoy many benefits by selling your products through online marketplaces. Here are a few of them are,

  • Boost your product visibility
  • Get access to millions of users
  • Build immediate trust
  • No need for your own infrastructure
  • No need to hire a huge workforce
  • Take advantage of promotions
  • Learn from free platform resources


What license do I need to sell on Amazon, Noon or other online marketplaces in the UAE?

In order to trade online on marketplaces in the UAE, you must need a valid e-commerce license. There are a number of steps to obtain the trade license from related authorities. You can apply for either mainland or free zone license. Most e-commerce businesses are well suited to the free zone. Free zone businesses benefit from 100% customs tax exemption and zero currency restrictions, it makes them ideal for your registering your e-commerce business. 

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Other documents required to sell on Amazon.ae

After getting your e-commerce license in Dubai, you start creating a seller account on amazon.ae. Here are the additional documents and information required in this step.

  • Business name, address, and contact information
  • A valid bank account and a valid billing address
  • A phone number where you can be reached during this registration process
  • E-commerce  license if you are owner, and a power of attorney only if you are a legal representative
  • Identity proof (eg, Emirates ID)

Then you need to review the fulfilment strategy which is done by either Amazon or any other method they offer.  

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Other documents required to sell on Noon.com

Any company registered in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt with a valid trading license can sell its products on Noon. In order to open a selling account on Noon, first, you need to create a customer account on noon.com.  

  • VAT certificate 
  • Passport or residence ID 
  • Residence visa for non-nationals
  • Bank account details on a signed and stamped company letterhead:
  • Proof of purchase/invoice, a distribution authorization letter, or a manufacturer permit/certificate for Health & Beauty products

After submitting these documents along with your business trade license, your store will be launched within a week. 

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How Decisive Zone will help you to sell on online marketplaces

While setting up a business in UAE, you need to have in-depth knowledge about the region, customs and regulations. In this stage, it is advisable to get the services of a business set up consultant with years of experience and industry knowledge, who can not only guide you through the process but also get the most suitable trade license for your business activity according to your budget and other requirements. 

At Decisive Zone, we ensure your license and visa applications are free from delays and rejections. As a business owner, you can save quality time on your business plan. 


Contact us to know more about selling your products on the marketplaces like  Amazon.ae, Noon.com or any other marketplace in the UAE. 

For a free consultation call us at +971 4 584 7332 or mail at [email protected]


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Abdul Manan Shaikh | General Manager

Abdul Manan Shaikh | General Manager

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