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How to open a clinic in Dubai

The UAE healthcare market is witnessing astonishing growth with the high demand for healthcare and the rising initiatives by the government. The government is extensively upgrading and expanding the healthcare system to develop a strong world-class healthcare infrastructure. Today, opportunities arise to re-examine the healthcare systems to improve the quality and efficiency in service delivery. 

Dubai government is always encouraging healthcare professionals and investors to set up healthcare facilities or research centers in Dubai. Many of them are preferring to set up a clinic in Dubai as it is easy to operate when compared to a hospital. To set up a business in Dubai, an investor can consider both the Dubai mainland and free zone license for their company incorporation.

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how to open a clinic in dubai, uae


Step by step process to open a clinic in Dubai

A healthcare professional or an investor who wishes to open a clinic in Dubai should possess relevant qualifications related to the profession recognized by the UAE. The country allows Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Herbal /Oriental Medicine, Hijama, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Osteopathy, Unani and  Traditional Chinese Medicine. According to the process, the business owner should get a professional license in Dubai and approval from DHA (Dubai Healthcare Authority) by following the rules and regulations of the government authorities.

1. Choose a trade name

While naming your medical service entity in Dubai you should consider the naming rules and regulations of the country. The trade name must not try to copy the established healthcare companies operating in the UAE to prevent trademark issues and you must use the permitted nomenclature also. After choosing the trade name, you can file an online application to DED for reserving the trade name.

2. Get initial approval from DED

When the trade name registration is done at the DED (Department of Economic Development), it’s time to file an application for getting approval for setting up a clinic. Proper documentation along with passport and visa needs to be submitted. Then the layout design or plan of the clinic must be submitted to the Dubai municipality for approvals.

3. Get approval from DHA

After filling the application for DED approval next will be getting approval from DHA, you must wait for few days to receive the approval from DHA. It might take up to 10 days. Below given are the documents required to submit to the DHA for getting the initial approvals.

  1. DED Application Form
  2. Initial Approval Enquiry Receipt
  3. Trade Name Reservation Certificate
  4. Passport Copy of the shareholders
  5. Visa Copies of expat shareholders if a resident of the UAE
  6. Emirates ID copy of the shareholders
  7. Entry Stamp of the shareholders if non-residents of the UAE
  8. For expat shareholders – NOC from the current sponsor, if employed
  9. Sponsor’s passport copy, visa copy, Emirates Id card, Family Book
  10. Layout / Floor Plan
  11. Proposal Letter from owner/partners / or who has Power of Attorney
  12. Ejari or Dubai Municipality Certificate 
  13. DHA Undertaking Letter 

The final step would be applying for the trade license for your healthcare clinic by creating an account in the DHA portal. The DHA team will visit the clinic and do an onsite inspection. After scrutiny, some additional documents may be required. The healthcare license will be issued based on the onsite final inspection report which must include full compliance to the DHA and the details of medical professionals and consultants who will be working in the clinic.

4. Get final approval from DED 

To get the final approval from the DED, the owner needs to go back to DED and present the approval from DHA to obtain the clinic license.


Cost of opening a Clinic in Dubai

The cost of obtaining a DHA approval for a clinic in Dubai includes the following:

  • DHA Initial approval – AED 1,020
  • DHA Final approval – AED 2,020

Open a clinic with 2 specialities costs approximately AED 20,040 and for 3 or more specialities it will cost approximately AED 26,040.

Check out the cost calculator to get an estimate of your healthcare professional license in Dubai.

Setting up a clinic in Dubai involves working with multiple authorities and documentation which can make the business owner a bit confusing. Decisive Zone, the experts in business setup Dubai can guide you through the process and help you to open a clinic in Dubai.



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Abdul Manan Shaikh | General Manager

Abdul Manan Shaikh | General Manager

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