Why is the job title on your visa important

Why is the job title on your visa important

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In a UAE visa application, stating your job title is not like any quick or straightforward entry in the form. Applicants are restricted to selecting an occupation from a given list, and their choice will determine their travel and sponsorship options in the future.


Moreover, certain demographic details such as age or level of education affect the job titles you can put down on your visa application. Having accurate knowledge about these finer details is important to avoid future complications when you are setting up your business in Dubai and applying for employee visas.

Below is a more detailed breakdown of why it is necessary to strategically state job titles on your employees’ visa application when opening a business in the UAE.

Consistency across applications

When setting up a company in the Dubai mainland or applying for a free zone license in the UAE, an inconsistency between your stated occupation in the license application and visa application could raise red flags for the authorities. It could prompt further investigation in your case and result in unwanted delays in processing. Before stating your job title in a visa application, make sure it will serve you well throughout the process of setting up your business in Dubai.

Educational criteria

When providing the details for employee visas, ensure that they meet the minimum educational standards set by the government for the stated job title. Otherwise, it is not possible for them to claim it as their occupation on the visa application form, even if they do fulfil that role in the company you started in Dubai. If an employee does not have the necessary credentials, he or she will have to be ‘reassigned’ to another role for the purposes of the visa application.

Age distinction

Similarly, the age of the employee also affects their assigned job title, with people over 60 years requiring higher job titles to be stated on his or her visa application. Therefore, before you open a business in Dubai, it is important to familiarise yourself with the government policies on hiring employees in the private sector.

Extent of job-related travel

When assigning job titles to employees on their visas, consider the extent of travel required for their role. Individuals with a managerial role are able to travel in the Gulf region with greater ease using just their UAE visa. Other job titles require an application for a new visa each time. When setting up your business in Dubai, consider which employees you would send for international assignments and ensure that their job title will make travel easier for them.

e-commerce and media licenses

Important note: Until 2019, it was only possible for specific types of professionals to sponsor their families in Dubai. If you had committed to an employee that they would be able to bring their families to live with them, it was important to make sure that the job title stated on his or her visa application, came with those privileges. As of March 2019, this limitation has been removed and the employee’s gender and income level are the primary factors that determine their potential to sponsor dependents.


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