Virtual offices – The trend

As Dubai allows business owners to run their companies from abroad, the use of a virtual office is a major consideration, in order to effectively manage on-the-ground operations from a distance. In this context, the use of virtual offices among business startups in Dubai is a growing trend for two major reasons: one, flexibility, and two, cost savings.

A virtual office is an online platform that allows business owners to run their companies remotely by conducting a number of functions through the internet. This contributes to significant savings on expenditures because it means that owners of business startups in Dubai don’t have to rent or purchase office space to conduct operations.

If you choose to run your business startup in Dubai using a virtual office, there are many options that provide a combination of physical and digital services for a regular fee, or on a pay-as you-go arrangement. Services you may want to consider for your virtual office include:


While you can conduct your business remotely, you may still require a physical office location and mailing address for your business setup in Dubai. Mailing services at a physical, business address can receive and forward your mail, as a scan or an email copy, when needed. Similarly, you could use a local phone number, with a voicemail service, which forwards messages for you to answer at your convenience.


You could hire a live, virtual assistant, who can serve as a communication point for customer service, so that your business setup in Dubai doesn’t lose its human feel. In this case you could outsource reception duties and administrative services to a professional with their own home office. There are many professional virtual assistants to choose from who offer a range of services, from organizing your office, preparing presentations, to completing daily, on-the-ground errands.

Meeting rooms

Instead of paying for a large rental space to house your new business startup in Dubai, that includes boardroom and conference rooms, a virtual office agency will help you arrange meetings in a rented space for only the time required. Depending on your needs for the meeting or presentation, a virtual boardroom can include refreshments, wifi, projectors, and much more. With this kind of flexibility, you only have to rent desk space when you need it.

If you’re opening a new business startup in Dubai for the first time, you may want to consider running it remotely using a virtual office service in order to cut back on costs that you simply can’t afford. By running a virtual office, you can minimise costs such as office space, equipment, and full-time staff, without compromising on professionalism. This also means you can employ people from anywhere in the world, communicate flexibly through the internet, while cutting down on travel costs. The only major challenge you have to keep in mind is building a cohesive office culture through routine and open communication.

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