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Why Choose Dubai for Your Crypto Trading Business?

Dubai is quickly becoming a global hub for cryptocurrency trading. With its forward-thinking regulations and crypto-friendly banking solutions, it’s the ideal place to launch your crypto business. By securing a Crypto Trading Business License in Dubai, you can enjoy:

Crypto-Friendly Banking Solutions

Access innovative banking services tailored to cryptocurrency businesses.

Strategic Location

Dubai’s central location connects you to global markets.

Business-Friendly Environment

Enjoy zero corporate tax and 100% foreign ownership.

Advanced Infrastructure

Benefit from world-class infrastructure and technology.

Our Crypto Trading Business License Package Includes:

Trade License: Your gateway to legal crypto trading in Dubai.
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Thousands of people choose Decisive Zone to set up their business in Dubai and across the UAE. We take great pride in our exceptional services and our clients’ testaments keep us going!

Benefits of setting up a company in UAE

Starting a business in UAE? We can help you set up in a Freezone, on Mainland or Offshore.


A Crypto Trading Business License allows you to legally trade cryptocurrencies in Dubai. It provides the regulatory framework needed to operate within Dubai’s financial ecosystem.

Dubai offers a business-friendly environment with zero corporate tax, 100% foreign ownership, and advanced infrastructure. It is a global hub with forward-thinking regulations that support cryptocurrency businesses.
Our package includes a trade license, one visa allocation, allowance for three business activities, space for three shareholders, a one-year lease agreement, and 100% foreign ownership.
Dubai offers crypto-friendly banking solutions designed to support the unique needs of cryptocurrency businesses, including innovative banking services and financial products.
The timeline can vary depending on the specifics of your application, but our team at Decisive Zone ensures a smooth and swift process to get your license as quickly as possible.
Once your company has been established, you can apply for opening a corporate bank account with any of the banks in the UAE.
Yes, you can set up a business in Dubai remotely. Many free zones and business authorities provide online processes, allowing you to establish and manage your business from anywhere in the world.
In different jurisdictions, the rules are different. But at IFZA Free Zone, you don’t need a physical office if your business has only up to 3 visas.
Our pricing model is clear and straightforward, ensuring you have a complete understanding of your investment.
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