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4-step process to get food truck license in Dubai

If you’re thinking to start a food business in Dubai, without any doubt start a food truck business. The pop-up food scene in Dubai is vibrant and growing with burgers and taco shacks lining beach boardwalks, weekend farmer’s markets, and cultural events offering eclectic, finger-licking treats. A food truck license in Dubai is your entry ticket to sell food on the roads of Dubai.

Whilst the city has always drawn visitors with its fine dining options, offering the best of global cuisine. Food options are diversifying to include more casual settings, which are just as delicious and affordably priced. If you have a passion for good food, now is the time to start a food truck business in Dubai and get a food truck license in Dubai.


How to get a food truck license in Dubai?

For a food truck to operate in most of the city in, you will need a mainland business license in Dubai. To obtain one, you will need to complete your DED company setup in Dubai.

1.) Your first step will be to submit your business plan to the city’s Department of Economic Development (DED). In addition to financial information, the DED and government agencies will also want to know the details of your food truck concept and how you plan to create a successful business in order to assess its commercial viability.

2.) The requirements to open a food truck business in Dubai involve a few more steps. You require a central kitchen to make all your food. The DED will review your food truck layout and approve the central kitchen. This is an important process to ensure that your food truck business meets and complies with health and safety regulations that will keep your customers safe.

3.) For food production, you’ll need additional certifications, like the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, or HACCP, which certifies the central kitchen, as well as the truck’s floor plan and functionalities. Note that when you make changes to your menu, that will also require approval.

4.) To open a business in Dubai as a food truck, you’ll also need a license from the Road and Transport Authority. A food truck business is a mobile business, and certification is required to use the motorways as well as parks in public locations. Finally, submit all the documents and obtain your food truck license in Dubai.

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Points to note before starting a food truck business in Dubai

  • If you want to get your food truck business setup in UAE, it’s important to remember that food cannot be prepared inside the food truck, according to the law. This means that the food you’re going to serve must be cooked in a separate kitchen that meets HACCP compliance regulations.
  • The food truck space can then be used for heating, plating, and serving. You’ll need to keep in mind as a plan to open a business in Dubai because you may need to rent non-mobile kitchen space for your main food preparation processes.
  • Before you register a business in Dubai and launch your food truck concept, be sure to include external kitchen management and expenses into your cost of setting up a business in UAE.
  • If you want to conduct business in a private space, such as a shopping mall, then you will have to pay rent, which will vary.


If you’re thinking about getting into the mobile food sector, contact the leading business setup consultants in Dubai– Decisive Zone to understand more about the requirements to start a food truck business in Dubai, UAE.


About the author:
Bob Natividad | Operations Manager

Bob Natividad | Operations Manager

Bob’s years of experience in the industry makes him one of the top experts in business operations and compliance.
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