Digital marketing license Dubai

Digital marketing license Dubai

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With the growth of entrepreneurialism and new startup businesses in Dubai, quality digital marketing agencies, that really know the city’s consumer market, are in high demand. 

New businesses want targeted strategies and effective communication, that result in public brand awareness and translate into profitable sales. If you’re a digital communication’s professional, now is a good time to consider starting a marketing business in the UAE. In order to start your digital marketing company, you must obtain a digital marketing license.

Read on to learn more about how to set up a digital marketing company in Dubai.



Decide whether you want to opt for a mainland license or a free zone license. Opting for a mainland company formation in Dubai gives you the freedom to operate anywhere in the UAE. 

Digital marketing license being a professional license allows you to get 100% ownership of your business without appointing a local sponsor or local service agent. 

  • Choose a company structure for your business, whether an LLC, sole establishment, branch company, etc.
  • Choose a company name for your business.
  • Obtain an initial approval certificate.
  • Submit all the necessary documents – passport, visa copies of shareholders.
  • Get the final approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED) or the free zone authority depending on your jurisdiction.

Activities to provide for a successful digital marketing startup:

Web development

An increasing amount of business is being conducted online among businesses set up in the UAE and across the globe. This includes the sale of products and services through digital platforms. Companies not only require websites which showcase the complete range of their offerings in an attractive and organized manner, but also require reliable e-commerce functionality. A marketing agency startup in Dubai that can offer technical services such as building a customer-friendly website in addition to digital content production, will stand out from the crowd.

Social media analytics

Social media applications such as Facebook and Instagram have significantly opened up avenues for digital marketing and communications beyond traditional websites. These newer, ever-increasing platforms offer social engagement as well as creative methods for spreading awareness about a company’s products and services. These applications also track analytics that allow a company insight into how its communication strategies are driving customer behaviour and the extent to which they are translating into sales. Your marketing agency needs to provide expert and in-depth knowledge on social media landscapes and how to use them effectively.

Digital communications

Marketing communication’s material is of many types like – email, online brochures, articles in business publications and blogs. To tackle clients’ different marketing communication needs, your business needs to put together a team of quality writers with expert knowledge on a variety of subjects. A skilled and diverse content production team means you’ll be able to secure and retain a large number of clients who trust your company for all their marketing needs.


In addition to interest-grabbing researched content, digital marketing materials need to be visually attractive to draw and hold the attention of potential customers. That means, you need a talented digital graphic artist – someone who can design imagery that supports written and social media content as a complete concept. With this kind of in-house talent, you can ensure your client’s branding, communications strategy and messages reach their audience.

Why choose Decisive Zone to setup your digital marketing company

Business consultants at Decisive Zone can guide you: 


  • Choose the right location for your business setup Dubai.
  • Suggest different forms of company structures that can benefit you in the UAE depending on your location.
  • Suggest different activities you can include in the digital marketing license in order to get adequate license benefit.
  • Take care of the necessary paperwork and approvals required.

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