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Delivery service license in Dubai

Following lockdown restrictions during COVID-19 pandemic, online transactions in the United Arab Emirates increased more than 15% in May 2020 and grew further by over 30% in October 2020.  As a result, delivery service license  became a popular and preferred choice for many entrepreneurs.


Online food ordering also gained more popularity, as more outlets signed up to list their menus on multiple platforms in order to cater the growing market demand. Due to the online food and goods ordering, residents who depend on the services in delivering their ordered goods and products started to use delivery services in a much higher volume than before. To assure the safety and quality of these services the UAE government has implemented new regulations in delivery service license in Dubai which include the training for drivers, standard on-delivery boxes, the uniform of drivers and more. To set up your delivery service business legally, you need to get a delivery services license in Dubai, UAE. 

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First, you need to know the requirements to start your delivery service business. A dedicated delivery service business must have the following:

  • Cost-effective delivery platform
  • Trained drivers
  • Live order tracking
  • Smartphone equipped fleet
  • 24*7 operational support

delivery service license cost in dubai



Potential customers for the delivery business in Dubai, UAE


Online stores. Almost all online stores in the UAE cooperate with courier services and use their outsourcing services. They prefer to work with local delivery service firms.

Cafes and restaurants. This is one of the major segments. Almost all catering services offer delivery service to their customers. Now, this is also done by third-party delivery services.

Flower shops. Many flower shops trade through social networks and offer delivery services. As keeping the courier on staff is not profitable they also prefer outsourcing. 

Corporations. Most of the companies in the UAE need couriers to deliver various documents. In addition, there is a service called “courier rental”. It means that staff can not only deliver documents but also perform additional tasks, e.g. wait in a line at the tax office and hand over or pick up documents. 

The circle of potential customers for a delivery service covers an unlimited number of private and legal entities in the UAE.


Delivery service license cost in Dubai

The cost of getting a delivery service license in Dubai can vary depending on different aspects of your delivery service business. The approximate license cost will be AED 6,000 to AED 7,000 excluding the sponsorship and other costs.

Check out the cost calculator to get an estimate of your delivery service license in Dubai.

How to get a delivery service license in Dubai

Starting a delivery service business is easier in the UAE with Decisive Zone business consultants. We help business owners to launch and expand their delivery service business with the delivery service license in Dubai, UAE. There are two jurisdictions you can choose to run your business – mainland and 50+ free zones. Both offer different benefits based on business type and activity. 

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After choosing the right jurisdictions we will guide you to set a legal structure and trade name for your delivery service business setup in Dubai. Then the paperwork for getting the delivery service license can be started. A dedicated company formation specialist can help you to get your delivery service license in Dubai without any delay and rejections from the government authorities.

Contact us now to book a free consultation with our business setup consultants.

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Abdul Manan Shaikh | General Manager

Abdul Manan Shaikh | General Manager

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