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Do you have to register for corporate tax?

Any company with a license in the UAE is required to register. Even if you’re below the taxable income of 375,000 AED per year ( Except for natural persons conducting business with a turnover not exceeding AED 1 million )

You may qualify for a small business tax relief

Is your turnover less than 3,000,000 AED?

To ease the financial burdens on small businesses,
the government is offering a tax relief system for the
first three years.

In short, if your turnover is less than 3,000,000 AED,
you may qualify for a tax relief up until the 31st of
December 2026.

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From the End of the Fiscal Year, You Only Have 270 Days to Complete Your Return

That means you have less than 9-months to file a tax return under circumstances you and your accounting team have yet to experience. Penalty will be imposed as per cabinet decision.

So going at this without an expert’s help is likely to result in errors (both minor and large) that could lead to financial penalties and legal costs.

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