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What’s next after expo 2020

Beginning 1st October 2021, Dubai will host Expo 2020 for six months, welcoming representatives from 190 countries to the UAE’s largest city. Expo 2020 is an international exhibition and the latest in a series of global events that have been held since the mid-1800s focused on global humanistic themes. The themes of this year’s exposition are opportunity, mobility, and sustainability, and an area of 1,080 acres between Dubai and Abu Dhabi is under construction to run the extensive event. 

With Expo 2020 just around the corner, it’s a good idea to start thinking about the future and how to develop on the potential outcomes of the event in order to build a lasting legacy. Read on to learn about Expo 2020’s themed pavilions and how you can start thinking about the future now.

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What is the theme of Expo 2020?


The opportunity pavilion asks each visitor, “Have you ever wondered how you can create genuine change?” This question relates not only to social impact and sustainable development, but also climate change. 

Built entirely of organic materials, the pavilion’s participants, including members of the government urge people and communities to consider how they can harness their ideas and technology to build a more socially and environmentally sustainable world.

Whilst the pavilion draws attention to this timely issue, it inspires us to think about the changes we can make, both big and small, to create a cohesive globalised world with common goals for improvement. 



The mobility pavilion explores how knowledge is stored and transferred, starting with some of the earliest historical methods of the Abbasid era and the Arab Golden Age, all the way up to today’s digital methods. 

This exploration of mobility means thinking about how data is collected and stored, and for what purposes it is then harnessed – posing important questions about the future of knowledge.

Additionally, AI drives human social experience today far more than we realise, with applications integrated into our daily lives, collecting information about our behaviour at the touch of every digital interface.

This pavillion asks attendees to reflect on the ethical implications of this new reality, and how it informs our ability to use big data to create constructive social impacts.


This pavilion is devoted entirely to the question of environmental consciousness and covers the problems of our depleting rainforests, polluted oceans, and the forms of human overuse of the planet’s natural resources and unchecked non-biodegradable waste production. 

A pavilion such as this poses questions of immediate environmental urgency that are not going away with only awareness and are going to require significant structural changes in corporate and industrial practices, the laws that regulate their activities, and collective understanding of the need for reform in our approach to environmental sustainability.

For more information on how you can set-up a business and be part of Expo 2020, get in touch with us, to help steer your in the right direction, so you can take full advantage of the opportunities available during and after Expo 2020. 

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About the author:
Jovana Petrovic | Marketing Manager

Jovana Petrovic | Marketing Manager

Jovana is the energy kick of the team, leading the marketing team with creativity and unique drive. She re-imagines the ordinary and transforms them into new ways of reaching audiences.
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