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6 life-changing tips for entrepreneurs

When you make the bold move to leave the corporate world and venture out as an entrepreneur, expect nothing but a series of trial and errors. That’s how entrepreneurship works—you will fail countless times, but you will emerge victorious, nonetheless.

Starting a business in UAE—and running it—requires hard work, perseverance, and a whole lot of help from experts. Yes, whether you like it or not, you will need advice from people who have been in the trade long before you, so you don’t fall into the uncertainty trap.

We have compiled six life-changing tips that can help you, as an entrepreneur, in your journey to successful entrepreneurship.

1) Consult the experts
Being an entrepreneur is tough. Before you get started, it’s important to talk to business setup consultants like Decisive Zone to learn the different licensing options for your business model. They are the experts in the field who can provide you with a concrete cost of setting up a business in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. Seeking their expertise in company formation in Dubai can save you so much time trying to figure out how to get things done on your own. Successful business setup is vital in setting the groundwork of your business, so it’s worth doing it right. Once everything is in place, it’s time to set your goals and start running your business.

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2) Set your short and long-term goals
Being in the startup phase is critical. When outlining your short-term goals at this point, make sure that they are always progressive and measurable. Your short-term goals are those small, meaningful steps that bring you closer to your long-term goals. They can be daily, weekly, or monthly goals. As long as these goals generate value to the business. Depending on what works for you, the key is accomplishing those short-term goals and tracking progress as you go along. This is to prepare you as you tackle the bigger, more challenging long-term objectives.

3) Master your organisational skills
To avoid unnecessary hurdles—and clutter—in the future, find an effective system you can implement in every aspect of your business. By learning to apply practical organisational skills in your daily routine, productivity increases. Aside from that, a less chaotic working environment also trains your mind to be more organised in your business operations.

4) Slowly build your dream team
A big part of entrepreneurial success is the people behind it. Whether they are outsourced or employed in your company, investing money to highly-skilled individuals are your most valuable investment. Employ the people who will not just drive positive results for the business, but people who know how to make work fun and exciting. In short, hire people who can attract positive energy into the workplace.

5) Expand your network
As it might have been stressed a thousand times before, it does pay to improve your external relations and build connections as your business grows. The people you will meet could link you to other like-minded individuals, and this can be beneficial for your thriving startup. You can achieve this by organising business intelligence events and invite as many people as you can. You might be surprised who decides to show up. At the same time, fill up your calendar with event engagements each month.

6) Stick to your principles, but learn to adapt fast
Although it can be quite tough to stick to your beliefs in a multicultural environment like the UAE, there’s always room for learning. Study the market and create strategies that are effective not only for your business but for your future market. Learn to test the waters before jumping in, and always have the stamina to make life-changing decisions for your business.

In this competitive world that we live in, making critical life decisions such as stepping out of your corporate comfort zone and becoming an entrepreneur is nerve-wracking. You may even lose confidence at times, but that’s just normal.

Therefore, surrounding yourself with positive people for encouragement and trusted ones who can guide and help you navigate the entrepreneurial landscape of the UAE is absolutely necessary.

Lastly, don’t bail. Believe in yourself, and you’ll make it.

About the author:
Charlie Patel | Founder

Charlie Patel | Founder

The man with multiple ventures, Charlie holds a diverse investor portfolio both in the UAE and UK. As an accomplished business magnate, Charlie knows a potential lead when he sees one.
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