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How to pitch your business plan to investors

A solid pitch before setting up any business in Dubai is crucial to gaining the interest of a potential investor, and running your presentation by a Dubai business advisor, with local market information goes a long way in ensuring that your presentation is airtight. This helps in obtaining a funding amount and investment plan that suits your business strategy. Read on to learn about the essential features of a quality pitch for financing your new business startup in Dubai.

Know your product

Clearly explain what your new business setup in Dubai is innovating, selling, and why. Business investors need a concise understanding of what your company does, in order to decide whether it is worth investing in. After this understanding is established, you can lead into the details of how your product works, what is unique and interesting about your business, and the need it addresses in the market. Consulting with a professional Dubai business advisor about how to best highlight the strengths of your business will help secure investment in your business startup in Dubai.

Know the market

Demonstrate knowledge and awareness of market dynamics, growth, and changes, to show potential investors that you understand both the opportunities and risks of launching a new product. If you’re launching a completely new and niche product, come prepared to discuss how you aim to disrupt conventional consumer practices. Or if you’re launching a similar product to those that already exist in the market, show how your business startup in Dubai will offer a competitive edge.



Your financial plan

Lay out a clear, transparent, financial plan for your potential Dubai business investors. Show them where your company is strong, and how it plans to grow, and where you want their monetary input, and why. Moreover, you have to show them your plans for profitability for your business startup in Dubai, and how they stand to gain through investing in your company. Here, you want to ensure your presentation is based on solid calculations and reasonable projections, so your potential investors can accurately evaluate their potential for involvement. 

You’re the expert

A potential investor will also want to have a sense of your company’s operations, in addition to your product knowledge and financial goals. They’ll want to know the company’s internal functions, executive administration and organisational charts to ascertain if your business startup in Dubai can actually achieve its aims. This is an opportunity to discuss you and your team’s expertise and experience. This will let investors know that your company comprises of reliable, committed members who know how to launch, and ensure the success of a new product.

Be professional and engaging

Treat meetings with potential investors like professional presentations, where you’re taking the lead and steering discussion. Remember to practice beforehand! Having an on-board Dubai business advisor, familiar with the requirements and trends of the local market, will help you sound confident and knowledgeable in your presentation. Use engaging visuals and consider using a program such as PowerPoint to highlight your main points, including charts to show your financials. Bring along samples of your products for your audience to try and test. Through demos, your potential lenders can get a real sense of the product, company, and team they plan to invest in.


If you’re looking to pitch your company to investors, contact Decisive Zone, Dubai’s leading business advisors at [email protected] to get a second eye on how to highlight your strengths, and learn what you need to do to secure funding for your business.

About the author:
Pritesh Mehta | Finance Manager

Pritesh Mehta | Finance Manager

Pritesh's ultimate goal is to make sure the company makes the best business decision when it comes to finances. He is supporting the team by offering insights and financial advice.
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