Fujairah Free Zone Authority

Fujairah Free Zone Authority, or Fujairah Free Zone (FFZA), is on the east coast of the UAE in Fujairah.

What is FFZA?

The free zone is an ideal place for those looking to establish a company in the emirate with the primary activity being either assembly, distribution, or manufacturing plants and warehouses. Those looking to establish trading offices can also find solutions in this free zone. FFZA is located next to the Port of Fujairah and is well-placed to offer investors and business owners an excellent infrastructure to accommodate their key needs when running a business in the UAE that can deal domestically and internationally.


Sakamkam, Near Mina Al Fujairah
Fujairah, UAE

Advantages of FFZA company setup

  • Multi-access to neighbouring and global markets by land, sea and air
  • Variety of investment fields
  • Investor-oriented policies
  • Efficient and cost-effective investment facilitation
  • Full investment security
  • Unmatched economy with low tariffs
  • Accessibility to major shipping routes, an exceptional port and international airport
  • State policies permit full repatriation of profit and capital
  • State-of-the-art communication system
  • Opportunity for investment in shipping and agriculture, tourism
  • Government has investor friendly policies
  • 100% investment security
  • Freedom for business owner to choose from wide range of investment fields

FFZA company structures

FFZA company structure

  • Branch of a foreign country
  • Branch of a UAE company
  • Free zone company (FZC)
  • Free zone establishment (FZE)
  • Offshore company

Processing time

  • License: 1 business day
  • Visa application process: 3-5 business days after issuance of the license (approximately)

Office type

  • Land
  • Virtual office
  • Flexi-desk
  • Small office
  • Small office
  • Warehouse

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