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5 rules to being productive when working from home in Dubai

For many businesses, gone are the days of suits, ties, and 9-5. Working from home has a lot of benefits, like setting your own schedule, and working in an independent and relaxed environment. Luckily, more and more companies are making working from home an option for their staff, and are finding that this is a great way to adapt to an increasingly flexible work environment. If you’re considering working from home in Dubai, or starting a business in Dubai, keep the following points in mind.


Stay accountable

With great independence comes great responsibility! When you work from home it can be easy to take it easy. As you have invested the cost of opening a business in Dubai, remember to always stay accountable to your boss – which might be you if you run your own business!

Keep track of your tasks and projects, making sure that you’re on top of everything. If you’re working with others, it’s a good idea to take the initiative with remaining in contact, keeping colleagues apprised of your tasks, and noting deliverable timelines.

Following this protocol ensures remote work remains organised and connected to larger operations, as well as providing documentation of your work process.




Manage your time

Due to globalised companies and numerous team members working all over the world from different time zones, you might find your flexible work schedule slipping into habitually overworking. It’s important to negotiate reasonable boundaries with your clients, if you run your own business or your employer and plan project completion accordingly so that you can also have quality time with your friends and family.


Work/life balance

Remember that the cost of opening a business in Dubai isn’t just financial. Ensuring the best environment for a startup business in UAE means achieving a work/life balance. Even without the structure of an office regulating your work hours, there are lots of ways to ensure you have separation from your career.

And this is important for the quality of your life because, without it, your home can start to feel like your office, 24/7. One solution is to convert a room or corner of your home into a study, and only conduct business from this dedicated space. No working from bed! And remember to leave work, just as a commuter would.

Change of space

Sometimes you need a change of scenery – to be in a different environment from your usual four walls. Select a brightly lit, ventilated café (there are so many to choose from in Dubai!) with excellent coffee and reliable WiFi for some of your workdays.

Or consider a spot at a co-working space. More and more business owners are seeing this cost as a benefit. Just remember that you’ll need to seek out UAE business setup services and UAE business setup advisors to get the right license.


Find a work buddy

Working from home has a number of benefits for increased productivity. For one, you don’t have to factor in commuting time or traffic into your workday. Instead, you can take the time to prepare a nutritious breakfast, and get started feeling ready and refreshed.

That said, sometimes working independently can start to feel isolating when you don’t have colleagues to bounce ideas off, or with whom you can take a much-needed break. One solution might be to buddy up with a friend who is also a business owner, or who works from home for a company, and develop your own small personal professional community.


If you’re wondering how to set up a business working from home in Dubai or want to know how to register a business in UAE and work from home, get in touch with Decisive Zone and make working from home with a business license in Dubai a reality.

About the author:
Jovana Petrovic | Marketing Manager

Jovana Petrovic | Marketing Manager

Jovana is the energy kick of the team, leading the marketing team with creativity and unique drive. She re-imagines the ordinary and transforms them into new ways of reaching audiences.
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